Techno-Leaders Converge at She’s Geeky Jan. 30-31, 2009!

shes-geeky2Jan. 27, 2009 Albert Einstein said,“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” At She’s Geeky last year, I met women who can give that hope for humanity back, and they have the technological chops to do it.

As I wrote about the UNconference before AND after She’s Geeky last year, I was duly impressed by the exciting presence of so many female  ‘firestarters, rainmakers, and project wranglers’  sharing their entrepreneurial leadership, expertise, and tips to avoid founder flameout as Women 2.0 jumpstart their startups in the math, science and engineering fields.

This year, the new Teens in Tech Conference pops me out on one of the two days, but I’m eager to absorb as much as I can like a sponge this Friday! I’m an ‘idea hamster’ (and ‘she-geek wannabe’) that ends up surrounded by smart gal pals  speaking freely and inspiring me to ignite ideas like rocket fuel…At She’s Geeky, there’s an opportunity to connect with the names and faces that can help those visions take off!

To me, the unconference (reg. here) is a ‘safe harbor’ to share how to ‘build a better mousetrap’ and sometimes even configure it with input from some of the greatest minds in the industry in a casual roundtable chat right on the spot!

She’s Geeky is a project of Planetwork, a nonprofit at the intersection of IT and social and environmental good, drawing in some of the biggest names in the technical sector who dare to ask “what if?” What if…

skydoorWHAT IF: We could use technology to bring fresh perspectives and worthy ventures to market that improve the human condition?

WHAT IF: We create better product design, healthier games and media fun, easier user interfaces, and streamlined engineering and performance?

WHAT IF: We improve and build upon big ideas that connect globally beyond gadgets and gizmos to cool concepts that ‘girl geeks’ specifically would like to see out there?!

WHAT IF: We ditch stereotypes and toxic sludge within the gaming sector for example, and inspire girl gamers to reverse media messages that diminish the importance of mind over body?

ningRockstar she-geeks like Gina Bianchini, founder of Ning (custom, turnkey  social networks I wrote about here) have provided a scholarship donation to any She Geeks that can’t afford the conference on Friday.

Gina’s crashed through that glass ceiling to shatter many illusions and ‘girl geek’ images bubbling around the IT sector many a time. Carol Bartz, (AutoDesk/Yahoo) recently profiled by She’s Geeky media sponsor The Glass Hammer as a ‘legend in the making’ also gives us a glimpse of the whys and hows of the necessity of ‘she geek’ community-building in the executive arena.

To recap: WHY do we need an UNconference specifically for women in technology?

Fast Company’s recent issue publishing the Most Influential Women in Tech, and the “story behind the story” details it well:

“…women in tech remain at a distinct disadvantage by any metric: average salary, top-management representation, board memberships. Silicon Valley, in particular, remains largely a boys’ club. In May 2007, Women in Technology International published a survey of 2,000 working women, about half of whom reported gender-based workplace inequality or said their opinions were less respected or sought out than those of male counterparts.”

There you have it.

fem2pt0-bannerIt’s the same reason that Fem2.0 in Washington D.C. is taking place on February 2nd (reg here) to inspire policy change and hear feminine voices in the mix. Representation. Different issues and needs. Expanded voices and visibility.

Mentoring and modeling for girls (and boys!) to right the wrongs of misogynistic media images flinging around out there depicting vapid values of what being a girl means in this culture.

Guys can get in on the fun by sponsoring a scholarship for an underserved girl geek, too!

(Dads, this is a perfect way to pave the future for your daughter, too!)

shegeeky09Register now if you’re local, (pssst, special reg discount if you enter the phrase ‘Geek Girl’ by midnight tonight in the discount code readers!)

Donate to the cause from afar, or check out the amazing seasoned orgs and upstarts  already involved, like Girls in Tech (not even launched yet, but on Facebook here) Girl Geek Dinners (haven’t done this yet; sounds fun!) Geeks for Good (Civic Action) and other cyclebreakers in this field, like: for Women in Technology, Digital Sistas, DevChix, LinuxChix, Gaming Angels and more…

Meanwhile, here’s Fast Company’s list of “geek girls” with special kudos and beaming ‘attagirls’ to gal pal Beth Kanter who made the list and is a force to be reckoned with doing global good in nonprofit technology!

I had the honor of finally meeting Beth in person at She’s Geeky LAST year and have been thrilled to be friends ever since!

Fast Company’s List of Most Influential Women in Web 2.0

The Executives
The Entrepreneurs
The Gamers
The Evangelists
The Activists
The Bloggers
The Brainiacs

Next up? Shaping Youth’s favorite sites and games for girls in math, science and technology,including National Academy of Sciences whimsical site, “I was” with kid queries like,

“Can a robot tell how you’re feeling?” “What’s the weather like on Neptune?” and 10 cool women scientist role models from space geologists to bone detectives! Stay tuned…


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She’s Geeky Description From Their Site

“The unconference format is unique. Beginning at 9 AM each day, we start with a blank wall and, in less than an hour, through a highly participative process, create a full day, multi-track conference agenda that is relevant and inspiring to everyone there.

When you come to She’s Geeky, you benefit from the opportunity to:

1. Build relationships and even partnerships across disciplines.

2. Learn something new from other geeky women.

3. Find answers to the questions that matter to you.

4. Consider business issues related to the technology industry.

5. Be exposed to new ideas for making and keeping technology relevant.”



  1. Man, I’m so jealous of you getting to go to conferences like this. I’ve never heard of She’s Geeky.

    Tracee Sioux’s last blog post..Fit Girl Series – Obese Teens on Oprah

  2. Hi Tracee, well, I’m a bit crimped on the time/$$ for attending, but they’re always so worthy and interesting and I want to support them any way I can! Still trying to get to D.C. on Monday for the Fem2.0 one, but I have to speak on 2-6 here at Stanford, so am once again…tight on timing. All the more reason to get a larger consortium of us to pinch-hit for each other and content share, eh? Think on it…Dr. Robyn and I have been talking about it for quite some time. PEM and Dr. Jenn too…More soon, Amy

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