Teen Triplets Create Polar Bear Nation: Clothing for a Cause

pbi.jpgSpeaking of Young People Who Rock, next time adults get in a funk about the future of our country, or need re-energized and activated to take on the state of our planet, click on this CNN video line-up of teen entrepreneurs, philanthropists, eco-stars, and caring kids who dare to make a difference with fresh, bold ideas.

Rather than watch the plight of polar bears adrift on ice floes as their habitat diminishes from global warming, 16-year old green teens Connor, Hayley, and Emma Gilbert took the heat of their passion and turned it into Polar Bear Nation to raise awareness and turn kids onto the concept of clothing for a cause. (Polar fleece, to benefit Polar Bears International)

Polar Bear Nation offers ‘cool’ tees and clothing with half of their proceeds supporting Polar Bears International which donates ALL 100% of its money directly to programs helping the bears, which are now officially listed as ‘threatened’ under the Endangered Species Act. Why not support PBI directly so bears receive 100% funding? (Well, I am, actually, but…)

polar-bear-nation.pngSeems rather than ‘preach to the converted’ these Gilbert teens are using the media as a conduit for new outreach, via positive human interest story, (the green teen hook) and marketing the clothing for peer to peer ‘viral’ adoption, (raising awareness) to educate about climate change and its effect on polar bears by creating a sort of ‘coolness club’ for kids who care.

Well done!

Polar Bear Nation has the potential to raise visibility and push participation numbers higher through youth engagement to support PBI’s scientific and adventure learning programs prepping kids as “Arctic Ambassadors,” to spread the word and take action.

yearofthepolarbear.jpgI’ve always wondered why Club Penguin didn’t do something productive with all those igloos and ice using a solid global warming storyline and cool online/offline partnership bridge for substantive eco-efforts.

Sure beats flapping around in tuxedos with blinged out avatars buying needless tchotchkes…Maybe it’s not too late…Let’s think…Hmn…

The Polar Bear Nation teens could infiltrate Club Penguin with branded ‘PBN/PBI gear’ and factoids applied to cool social media badges and widgets that could travel to other virtual worlds raising awareness and educating kids about global warming.

Dizzywood, Zookazoo, Habbo’s eco-group, through Imbee/National Geographic Kids…even Panwapa and the tropical/arctic juxtaposition via Hulala Girls green gaming perhaps? A thought anyway…more on those sites coming soon, as Dizzywood was just awarded ‘Best in Show’ for ‘Under the Radar’ virtual worlds…(story to come. Congrats gang on your stellar social responsibility!)

Any way to get ‘polar bears’ integrated to Dizzywood next? 😉 As for the pragmatic eco front on polar bears…What can you do? Take action. Get educated (myths/facts, global warming basics) Gear up for the cause…

pb-intl.jpgI’m not wild about consumption in general, so as much as Polar Bear Nation rocks with their “clothes for a cause” concept, my heart and wallet go straight to these beautiful bears at Polar Bear International…
All 100%.

But I’m ALSO one of those animal lovers that asks the Humane Society & Marine Mammal Center to KEEP their calendars and fuzzy plushies, too…so that’s fitting.

My daughter, on the other hand, wears HSUS, NWF, (next it will be Polar Bear Nation, no doubt) nightshirts as an emblem of her own identity to every sleepover and lounge around…so she’s your ‘target market.’ 😉

By teaming, both PBN & PBI have their ‘bases covered’…for one peek at these majestic creatures in this gorgeous photo gallery of beautiful beasties (plus the interviews with the scientists striving hard to protect them) will inspire you to click through to the ‘what can I do’ link pronto…after all, both are, um…’beary’ worthwhile…Special thanks to Bill Daul of our NextNow collaboratory for bringing these teen triplets to my attention!

Send us any of your suggestions for other ‘young people who rock’ (always on our sidebar) as we’ll soon be continuing our People Shaping Youth celebrity picks and a new Inspiring Minds category…

Both series have been in hibernation, in the back of my cavernous mind…

Polar Bear/Global Warming Resources & Fun Finds

Polar Bears As Threatened Species (ratified May 14, 2008)

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Kids National Geographic: Polar Bear E-Cards, Facts & Photos

Polar Bears & Global Warming: National Wildlife Federation

Environmental Defense Fund, Calculate Your Personal Impact

Polar Bear Cam: LiveStreaming Video, National Geographic

National Polar Bear Plunge: Keep Winter Cold

Eco-Friendly Line of Kids Books (School Library Journal)

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Sea World Education Dept. Resources: Polar Bear Fun (love this swimming fellow!)

Wild Arctic Fun Guide: (SeaWorld Fun Zone of polar bear mazes, puzzles, games)



  1. All: The Care to Connect folks have launched an impt. action item along these lines so heads up!!

    “Hi Amy,

    You may have heard that the polar bear has just been listed under the Endangered Species Act due to global warming. While this is a symbolic step, it’s not enough, and we need your help.

    The polar bear currently faces great challenges, such as oil and gas development in its rapidly melting habitat.

    The recent listing, for example, includes a loophole that enables energy exploration to continue in the Arctic despite its obvious threat to the bear’s survival.

    Tell Congress to protect the polar bear and other wildlife threatened by global warming >>

    Sign the Call to Care petition urging members of Congress to work together to ensure plants and animals – from the Arctic to your backyard – are protected from climate change.

    The action is part of Irreplaceable – a unique campaign that brings together groups from the worlds of art, justice, science and faith. These groups show that people from all walks of life are uniting to protect wildlife such as gray whales, grizzly bears and whooping cranes from global warming.”

    You can sign the petition here:


  2. Just as an aside which I think fits the theme…a SWEET little children’s book was written by Tim Foresman. Do visit the book site to learn more:


    The Last Little Polar Bear

    is a thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated children’s book. It was written out of deep concern for the future of our environment by a scientist, Timothy Foresman, PhD.; illustrated by an artist and environmentalist, Laura Lee Cundiff; and published by a globally active publisher, Blueline Publishing of Denver, Colorado.

    Portions of the sale of these books will be allocated to Inuit Tribal Councils to help in their fight to save our irreplaceable Arctic regions.

    The book is a fully illustrated 64-page, hardcover book.

  3. This is a very inspiring story. It’s good to see young entrepreneurs that have taken responsibility to changing the world that they live in. There are several companies that are eco friendly or believe in philantrophy, but very few that do both. I have not seen any that are so committed.

  4. I agree…these things always light me up…You can see more youth energy on the sidebar under the links: “Young People Who Rock!” It’s an awesome site for inspiring minds who want to know GOOD things going on!!!

    Also DoGooderTV etc.—

  5. Thanks for the care about the youth,we usually ignore them and yet they need a lot of time to be better people in the way they dress up and do their things.Great site.

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