This Vacation is Brought to You By…

Oh, how I wish I were 12 again…Apple Camp Workshop is a three-hour FREE hands-on media camp for kids 8-12, in slick ‘seed the brand’ style (as if Apple needs more youth cult encouragement). It’s available throughout ALL Apple stores…Tweens can sign up for two Camp Workshops at one time to learn: iPhoto in the Photo Workshop, iMovie in the Movie Workshop, GarageBand in the Music Workshop, and iWork in the Presentation Workshop

Tomorrow we’ll look at various ‘branded camps’ (sorry, not free ones) to raise the media literacy level taking note of covert/ambient advertising as well as overt/product partner deals…Meanwhile, Apple, I wanna go!

In another fab find on a more regional scale, grammy-nominated jazz artists are sharing their talents as role models to kids hosting the annual FREE Kids’ Jazz Camp held the week of July 7 in the Lake Tahoe area of Truckee, Ca. (where I am right now!)

No catch, natch! This 4-hour FREE camp runs 5-days straight as part of the “Jazz Artists in Residency” program with recognized greats coming from all over the country to teach kids jazz and funk firsthand. Ages 10 through high school can register on a first come first served basis at Moody’s Bistro to riff with the legends firsthand. Sweet!

Just imagine…Kids that play drums, bass, guitar, piano, or horns have a rare opportunity to hangout with these music mentors for LIVE inspiration, rather than screen-driven, media-laden TV/music videos and clips off of YouTube. Sounds like a ‘band camp’ memory to rival Camp Rock and Girls Rock to boot! One more regional free media find: classic filmhouse movies in a kids camp summerfest in Austin ranging from 50s to sci-fi!

Know of more free kids camps? Send ’em our way…We’ll play hide and seek to spot the spin and vote on the ‘fair or foul’ marketing fit for branded distribution channels, with tips on teaching kids media literacy along the way. Stay tuned for Part 2!



  1. This sounds so cool! I’ve actually been thinking of switching over to Macs anyway, but I can see how Apple would snag the young demographic up with the ease of use and creative elements. Not a bad idea – this is good stuff.

  2. Smart marketing for sure…

    One could argue Apple has created the ULTIMATE product placement, having an entire brand identity as the event itself…h like Nike Sports Camps, Crayola Art Camp, etc.

    But again, there’s full disclosure there, and an ‘opt-in’ vs. ‘opt-out’ basis which differentiates it significantly from covert product integration embedded into the psyche a la ‘Neopets/junk food’ for example…

    Will continue the three parter today on what I mean about same…Thanks for visiting, Andre. Always a pleasure to hear from ya.

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