Top 20 Youth Marketing Bloggers: Shaping Youth Is One of ‘Em!

Just when you thought I’d stay on topic and wrap up our ‘All Things Girl’ week I’m zinging one more post in a different direction (humor me, it’s the holidays, time to give and forgive!) has been delving into youth culture long before it became a buzz word, from neuropsychology and social media trendtracking, to behavior and branding…And since Shaping Youth is a bit of an antithesis (tracking the trackers) to unearth and explore healthier media offerings, you can imagine my surprise reading this opening line…

“We focus on youth marketing – but who influences us? Here are our most highly recommended youth marketing blogs who continue to influence our writing. Add these blogs to your feeder list!”

Quite honored that Shaping Youth is among this top 20 list of youth media pros like Alex Steed, Anastasia et al at Ypulse, Ingrid at YMR, TeenLab, DK, Digital Youth Research and others already in our sidebar, but moreover, am thrilled to see the dialog opening inclusively in Web 2.0 transparency rather than a ‘them vs. us– Darth vs. Luke’ approach to accountability and responsibility in the media/marketing sphere…

As readers know, we’re big on mining the magic rather than mining the wallets to bring out the best where K-12 kids are concerned, and are thrilled to see new media pedagogy taking shape among media literacy champions who ‘get it’ that media and marketing can be a fun, powerful conduit to learning and positive influence if industry commits to a massive mindshift of public health over pocketbooks.

A shift towards a ‘do no harm’ Hippocratic oath could alter conversations into a win-win arena, as balance of power and influence reshapes the potential of the medium and opens up new pedagogy, tools, and opportunities for alliances.

There’s nothing I’d like more than to have Shaping Youth shift our program focus from ‘counter-marketing’ to championing change with ALL positive picks…so c’mon industry, help our ‘damaging drek’ blog category go away!

Thanks, mobileYouth, for the inclusion and the honor, and  for the heads up on new faces in youth spaces doing interesting work in this realm.

I DO plan on ‘adding them all to my reader’ and suggest our eclectic audience of parents, kids, academics, nonprofits, corporations, educators, industry analysts, and gamers galore do the same! Here’s their ‘Most Influential 20’ below. Enjoy! Picks “Most Influential 20” Youth Marketing Bloggers:

(alphabetically listed)

* Barking Robot by Derek Baird
* Big Brand on Campus by Benjamin Leis
* Canadian University Marketing by Morgan Coudray
*’s Millennials Changing America Blog by Alex Steed
* China Youth Watch – China Youthology by Lisa Li Yi
* Digital Youth Research @ Berkeley
* Gen Y Music Marketing and Social Media by Greg Rollett
* Hard Knox Life by Dave Knox
* How to Break Anything by Kyle Studstill
* Mediasnackers by DK
* Millennial Marketing by Carol Phillips
* Reach Students by Luke Mitchell
* Shaping Youth by Amy Jussel
* TeenLab at Alcatel Lucent by Jennifer Carole
* The Marketing Student by David Fallarme
* Three Billion by Paul MacGregor
* Tyler Reed (Younique)
* Youth Marketing Buzz
* Youth Media Reporter by Ingrid Hu Dahl
* Ypulse by Anastasia Goodstein, Meredith Sires and Casey Lewis

Note: not all are purely youth marketing, but blogs such as Kyle’s HTBA and Tyler’s Younqiue are marketing based with an insightful youth overtone.

p.s. As long as we’re talking mobile for a minute…Anyone see this Cerado-Ventana concept of connecting multiple social networks, sites and mobile? It’s fascinating…

It basically functions as a hub for ‘real time’ interactions whether it’s a music/fan fest, school/university hub, a conference/expo (like this one where PKSF used it as a mobile pocket guide to connect the event with its attendees) or a place to filter discussions and live chat in a given area of passion to keep abreast of all things on that topic…(whether you’re tracking the fate of polar bears, a climate crisis, fire or storm, a brand,’s ventana for the president-elect’s office—mom/dad bloggers or the social media club )

I could see this lil’ widget as VERY helpful for Shaping Youth down the line, so it’s no surprise I found it through Dave Davison of Thoughts Illustrated with ties to Grazr who is a visual thinker extraordinaire and has been talking to me about distilling Shaping Youth into filtered formats and nuggets of collective knowledge!

Like most things media/marketing…it could be used as a cool tool or an intrusive gizmo depending on the purpose…All depends on how it’s deployed. Let me know if anyone’s used this in their lives/blogs/schools, whatever and we’ll interview, ok? Thanks–Amy



  1. Amy, congratulations for being in the top 20. Your blog is chock full of ways to counter the influence of media and to shape youth with more purpose. I value your purpose. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, Robyn, very kind of you…As you know I don’t pay much attention to analytics as a nonprofit so don’t know ‘what it means in the big scheme of things’ but I do feel honored to be included in mobileYouth’s top 20, since they’ve been around since 2001 studying this culture, and I consider myself a relative newbie…(albeit a prolific one with a tenacious passion to advocate for ‘the good stuff!’)

    It’s a small world in so many ways, and the more of us working toward raising the bar the better…If we can keep shifting the message to “market hope” and back it up with action, this ol’ planet has the potential to evolve in a ‘market correction’ that’s long overdue. Ya know? 😉

  3. I say “congratulations,” also, Ms. Amy!!!I’ve been browsing your blog, off & on, for some time, and have wondered why you so often refer to Other People’s web sites, blogs, etc. and seem to forget how much so many of us prefer to hear YOUR original,thought-provoking, down-too-earth, but often amusing commentaries on your ever-so-timely topics regarding the shaping of youth!!!!Keep up the good work, though!.A great fan, L.M.

  4. Amy, thanks for the good words about Ventana! Would be happy to brainstorm with you on how it might be applied to Shaping Youth. best, c

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