A Bear Votes.org: Flash Animation Eco-Messages Kids Love!

Yep. Free Range Studios (once again!) produced this cute little animated critter tale. (Pretty soon I’m going to sound like I’m shilling for them!) I’ve already covered their Uncaged” pig-tale for California’s Yes on 2…That said, support for the environment is NOT a partisan issue, and just like the NCLI eco-literacy act, this represents a bipartisan, national coalition for the environment.

This viral marketing little beastie at A Bear Votes.org is making the rounds 24 hours before the big day. As our “dream-big” bear pal in the movie has visions of casting his vote to tip the scale for the planet, he’s shut down by bureaucrats reminding him that bears can’t vote. As he dejectedly mopes away, the screen dissolves to black with the call to action, “Bears Can’t Vote. But YOU Can.” Reminding people to get out to the polls “for the bears, and the otters, and the eagles, and the salmon, and the sea turtles, and…your grandkids.”

Okay, youth team, have at it. Forward to a friend and remind your ‘nana, pop-pop, whatever wild-child name you have for your grandma and grandpa in your family (“Tutu” in mine; which is Hawaiian for grandma) to get out ‘the bear vote.’ And don’t forget the hug of appreciation that goes with it. 😉


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