Adina’s Deck World Premiere, Health 2.0, Me to We, instant ridesharing

Been a busy week with the digital advances transpiring at the  Health 2.0 national conference in S.F., (full debrief on kids Gaming4Health panel upcoming) plus this weekend’s Adina’s Deck World Premiere of episode 2 and 3 to add to their kids’ original award-winning cyberbullying film (see sidebar debrief; post-interview/photos to come).

Then tonight, I tried SOOOOO hard to get out the door to see Marc Kielburger co-author of best-selling NYT book, “Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World” speak at Kepler’s Books about their national “Me to We” Day celebration…that I literally did another one of those “slide in your socks” moments to try to make it on time and tag team with our partner org, Girls Are Champions, also in Menlo Park.

Alas, parenthood precluded. It’s a school night after all…

AND…the pumpkin patch had the teen scene in a reverie of simpler times sliding down the jumpies, and picking out cute shapes to carve clever faces…Long before the days of worrying about whether your bangs look like Ashlee Simpson or whether your mascara is too clumpy. Le sigh. As Izzy Neis might say…

Even though I did NOT get to go to Marc Kielburger’s “Me to We” event tonight, I’ve gotta say, he and his brother Craig have led youth in more than 50 countries to step out of the box of self-absorption and think beyond ourselves to communities of the world, shifting from “me to we”…expanding youth engagement and global awareness to affect positive change in the world, in partnership with Free the Children.

If you missed their big day and book event, check out their one hour ‘eTalk’ special, to find out more about the Adopt A Village program, global citizenship and youth leadership, and cool ways to raise awareness and funds for schoolbuilding, clean water wells, health care and alternative income programs to lead us closer to creating global equality and ending poverty in the developing world.

I WILL cover the We to Me book event, even if I didn’t get there myself, for they’re implementing a similar partnership based ‘turnkey kit’ solution just as we are in ‘train the trainer’ format for Shaping Youth…

Free the Children offers a ‘family kit’ for social action within the community, an educator kit with curriculum, resources and the works, and even an office kit to bring charitable, meaningful engagement into the workplace, teaming for the common good.

Can’t wait to do the interview…inspiring minds want to know more…;-)

Meanwhile, stay tuned for tips from Green, last minute recycled costume ideas and Forest Ethics’ cool concept of how kids can Trick or Treat to stop junk mail.

Hey, kids are goin’ door to door already, why not make it count and sign a petition to save a tree, since 89% of Americans are already in favor of a Do Not Mail Registry to eliminate waste resultling in more than 800 pieces of unwanted junk mail per household per year, with 44% of it going into landfills unopened! Yowza!

And for a special pre-Halloween treat, I’m thrilled to announce the reprise of our first charity book, is launching anew, Age of Conversation 2 to benefit Variety the Children’s Charity will debut on Oct. 29th!

This year, we’re bringing together 237 global bloggers throughout the world for The Age of Conversation: Why Don’t They Get It?

We’ll pull out out all the stops to once again show how social media can be leveraged for probono cause-marketing, and demo the use of participatory collaboration with an entire group of strangers that have come together as editorial family in co-authorship worldwide!

It’s pretty wild if you think about it…each of us taking a chapter and staying in theme, with our illustrious editors Drew McClellan and Gavin Heaton leading the way to guide us through a collective process creating an exciting whole tome jam-packed with firsthand knowledge from some of the top marketing minds around the globe!

Yep, it’s shaping up to be another busy week, alright.

So much so that this tee-shirt is my motto and it’s only Monday! eep!

Next up, my notes and interviews from last week’s stellar Health 2.0 conference that will get you thinking about new media uses in positive ways to make your life easier, guaranteed…

We’ll also add notes on kids’ simulations of politics, mock election outcomes, and a cool little app that Chris Abraham sent me on Facebook called, which is essentially a mashup of couchsurfing meets ridesharing…(Instant phone-enabled ride-sharing on demand —predictably a huge hit among social students!)

Here’s a mini-video promo peek of it from the Google 10 ^ 100 Project.

“May those who help the most win!” —Nice tagline…Enjoy!


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