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childhood-mattersJuly 19, 2009 Here are some of the brand new resources or lesser known resources I named on the air today for those seeking SOLUTIONS rather than just identifying problems to get girls strong from the start and counter-act raising girls amidst “meat marketing”so pervasive today. Washington D.C. based advocacy org focusing specifically on these gender stereotypes and cues being sent to kids early on: Fabulous facts/resources, rockstar academic advisory board including some of our own.

“Feel Good, Girl” Book & Reign of the Girl Child Blog: Gal pal, author and ‘tween’ media maven Felicia Richardson Battle writes light-hearted prose directly TO girls faced with mixed messaging about ‘growing up girl’ in a sexploitation culture. Her book is line-art illustrated cartoon style and packed with tips to help girls navigate the nuances…Her blog is pithy, smart and spot on speaking to “moms of preteen girls who want to chat, rant and freak-out in privacy.”

How I Look: At Myself, At My World, At My Future by Molly & Nan Dellheim: A do it yourself ‘think about this’ style of journal that gets girls (10-14) in touch with their internal compass amidst a landscape of external influences. Written as a prompt and fill-in book, it’s a great way to open a dialog with one’s SELF, to give girls the tools to be their own BFF.  (Recently vetted & sanctioned by NEDA too)

so-sexy-so-soonSo Sexy So Soon Paperback Release next week!!

Stay tuned for Shaping Youth’s interview with Jean Kilbourne next week about her latest book written with Diane Levin that’s now coming out in paperback next week, woohoo!

She ends her book with the chapter, “creating a new cultural environment” and includes “A dozen ways to turn the world around.”

She’s got a great discussion guide to get girls speaking freely about these issues, (perfect for a ‘summer book club’ pick!) and a 6pp. pdf of academic resources galore…

As mentioned, our “All Things Girl” Series on Shaping Youth (below) gives you a ton of positive picks for fabulous sites, media, tees and technology that “turn beauty inside out” for a healthier way to raise daughters.

I didn’t have time to mention my own interview on The Girl Revolution Part One and Part Two, so there, I just did.

Shaping Youth’s All Things Girl Recap of Worthy Sites for:

Empowering Girls Rather Than Consuming Them!

A Tee Party Kicks Off All Things Girl Week on Shaping Youth

Veteran’s Day: Women in the Military: MyVetwork Launches

Interview with Girl Mogul Founder Andrea Stein

New Moon Girl Media Officially Launches

S.Y.’s Body Image Expert Dr. Robyn Silverman On Dove Forum

Global Women’s Leadership Network Hosts Young Leaders Worldwide

GWLN Delegate Carrie Ellett on Girls For a Change

Motrin Media Mamas & Twitter Tirades; Marcom Blunders Redux

Twilight Teens, GirlChild Press (Growing Up Girl) and Read Kiddo, Read!

Fem 2.0: Feminine Feminism & the Mother of All Conversations: Feb. 2, 2009

GLTR Girls: Girls Learn to Ride (wakeboards, snow/ski/skate/surf & more)

Doctor Jenn for Girls: Pajama Parties, Neuroscience & ‘Girls You Just Don’t Get It!’

What’s On Tweens’ Minds: Meet Denise Restauri of AllyKatzz

Girls Prescription for Self-Worth: Respect Rx

The Girl Effect: A World Changing Media Message

Smart Girls at the Party.TV: SNL’s Amy Poehler

Media Musts to Wrap Up All Things Girl Week Part One

Seven Sensational Blogs About Girls: All Things Girl Week Part Two, Finale!

I also didn’t have time to mention a great book BY and FOR girls called “RED” edited by Amy Goldwasser which profiles “The next generation of American Writers, teenage girls—on what fires up their lives today.”

Some great essays there for a sneak peek at what’s going on inside the minds of girls and their tips for “how to deal” with it all…

And of course,, from New Moon; the focal point forum that’s been my ‘go to guide’ and all time fave for multiple aspects of raising girls…full feature on their newly relaunched site forthcoming!


Thanks to Nurse Rona Renner from Childhood Matters for airing this important show and helping us raise our daughters…and also for having our “sister site” in the studio today, Lisa Izzi from Girls Are Champions along with Dr. Kay Kleinerman, both had a wealth of knowledge to share. Shaping Youth readers can hear it via podcast…

daddyshiftCan’t wait for Childhood Matters’ upcoming show on ‘Stay at Home Dads’ Sunday, August 16, Nurse Rona’s Book Club, with guest host Dr. Will Courtenay, and author Jeremy Adam Smith, as they talk about his new book, The Daddy Shift, which looks at how changing definitions of family roles are shifting the American family landscape.

The first ten people to sign up will receive a promotional copy, so join in this revealing discussion about this important trend, from economics to emotional support: 1-877-372-KIDS!

Finally, for those that pinged me from the radio today asking about the stat I mentioned (female characters in kids’ cartoon shows are five times more likely to be shown in skimpy clothing, even when animals!) it was from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, which is always shown here on our sidebar.

Media literacy is KEY to informing and instructing how girls can use the filter between their ears to sift out subtle messaging.

How to keep it fun and not preach-n-teach judgment? Easy.

pink blue baby rattles

Play ‘hide and seek’ so girls can hunt for the cultural clues/cues sent their way…

What did you notice about…(the princess, plotline, cartoon, attire, traits, whatever)

Some great media literacy sites that I love?

Educator Frank Baker’s Media Literacy Clearinghouse, Media, Just…all on our sidebar!

Also, the new facts hub over at the new TrueChild site hosts a bounty of resources in one ‘at a glance’ locale for this particular topic of the Childhood Matters radio show today, as they’re aiming to plop the gender and stereotypes research, references and updates into one central locale, which will make my sourcing much easier!

Finally, for OUR readers, here are more of Rona Renner’s radio shows and 2009 podcasts plus rich archives of knowledge to share, including the show I was on about media’s influence from toddlers through teens in July ’06 with CSM, hubbed here.

Do you have other resources to add “LifeMoxie” and leadership strength to girls?

Local, regional, national, or global?

We’d love to have them, and in the spirit of the “summer of link love” I know The Girl would love a quick crosspost to spread the word on raising smart, healthy, thoughtful girls, so fire away!

mlcAlso, if you’re seeking specifics on Gender/Representation resources (especially students/educators!) here’s Frank W. Baker’s Links List on this topic alone. (told you he was a wealth of resources!)

He also has recommendations for texts, lesson plans, and the works. If you don’t know Frank, you need to, NOW! Of course, About Face (again, always on our sidebar) has a fun “hall of fame, hall of shame” portion of their site for a visual must see on these issues as well…

Media Literacy Clearinghouse Links Specific to Gender/Media Rep. via Frank W. Baker (no rhyme or reason re: colors/he’s just breaking up type)



  1. And in the “you’ve gotta freakin’ be kidding me” category, here’s a h/t referral by Felicia Richardson Battle (aka Mommy B) in her recent post on Reign of the Girlchild which I linked to above…

    Teens turn to image consultants to fit in with peers? eesh…

    Can you say ‘wrong direction’ for media messaging? argh.

    Washington Post:

  2. Love this empowering group of sites and ideas for our girls. Would love to be included! Check us out!

    iTwixie emulates the 6 pillars of character development to challenge the ways girls think & express themselves. iTwixie fosters positive girl bonding and behavior. There’s no other site like it! We have girls from 16 countries joining together — it’s the ultimate hangout for tween girls.

    5,000 girls are exchanging friendship bracelets through our Friendship Braclet Exchange Challenge!

    Check it out! And Join The Revolution!
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..iTwixie’s Virtual Recital! =-.

  3. As always – WOW.
    .-= The Girl Revolution´s last blog ..A Girl Is Watching: Sotomayer, Palin & Clinton =-.

  4. Just checked out iTwixie and will ‘tweet’ it pronto… Meanwhile, I’ll send a tween on the site to check it out in full, fabulous! Thanks for the heads up…let’s do an interview, Rebecca!?

  5. You are SO the woman. Sorry to be out of touch, past few months have been nuts. Glad to see you doing your thing in a big way (as always) and providing a wonderful resource of like-minded sites and orgs. Thanks for the shout out!
    .-= Felicia (aka Mommy B)´s last blog ..A pregnancy break-down that even I can understand =-.

  6. very cool blog. Filled me with a healthier understanding of the actual financial system. Gives thanks buddie

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