Free Books For Kids From Shaping Youth’s Virtual Garage Sale!

book_giftsJuly 6, 2009 Back to wrap up healthGAMERS Part 3 soon, but today my teen begrudgingly started three hours of summer school—(don’t ask, don’t tell, it was her own ‘deal’ gone awry at ‘College for Kids’) so I took it upon myself to sort through her ‘giveaways’ of books she agreed to give up for our FREE BOOKS FOR KIDS post to encourage poolside reading, recycling, and to thank readers for sharing their insights with a giveaway fun fest.

What do I ask of you? Two things: A comment conveying your biggest media/marketing issue or interest area you’d like to hear more about, and a couple of your favorite sites/blogs to ‘follow’ in this sphere of influence (or Twitter peeps since I’m new to that nest)

To say ‘thanks for sharing’ I’ll share a box-o-books grouped by age and stage as hand-me-downs, posted for FREE on the ‘virtual garage sale’ of Facebook Marketplace powered by Oodle classifieds which I wrote about here.

That way our readers get first dibs and we’ll still have a win-win by donating the balance to our local literacy program. (I will request you cover your own shipping by clicking the ‘tip jar’ just so I don’t go further down the nonprofit rabbit hole in the name of free summer media fun.)

If  YOU have summer cleaning and regifting to add to my ‘virtual garage sale’ where you can list anything you want to ‘repurpose’ for a purpose, by all means, post ‘em and click ‘sell for a cause’ to benefit Shaping Youth!


Meanwhile, enjoy the FREE reads for the kiddies…

I’m thrilled to know they’re going to good homes.

If you’re wondering what KINDS of books I’m giving away?

Some are brand new, others barely cracked open ‘book club’ books (tweenaged) some are series she was never ‘into’ (Teen Nick boxed set, etc.) others are ‘outrageously outgrown’ gifts from far away friends that have her age ‘freeze-framed’ in their minds from their last visit (e.g. picture books) even though she’s almost as tall as I am now and headed to high school volleyball…

mary poppins…Others are hardback vintage classics (e.g. the ‘darker’ P.L. Travers original Mary Poppins series pre-Disney) which clearly belong more in a library or literary class rather than yellowing pages in her bookcase amidst her Billabong-n-boardshorts boudoir…

…Plus, many of our books involve “all creatures great and small” reflecting the hardcore animal lovers in this household o’mine.

I’ll slowly start listing some of them on Shaping Youth’s Facebook Marketplace page and also each week right here on the blog, with different featured finds throughout the summer…

I’ll also toss in a few ‘surprise/grab bag’ goodie boxes of a mishmash of titles. Should be fun…

Second slice of summer freebie reading fun?

Our “Summer of Link Love” invitation (see badge at right) Stay tuned for more tomorrow or get the gist and the preview from The Girl

ghc fiction

Also, for barn goddesses and “readergirlz” everywhere, we’ll be featuring equine news from the ‘lead mare’ at Girls Horse Club that their newly launched summer fiction  competition is officially underway!

Horse fans, the call for entries fall into two age categories: 12 and under, 13-17 so tell all the ‘fillies’  in your world…

We’ll interview them on the details soon, meanwhile, Samantha H., are you listening?

Get those short stories and chapter pieces ready… six winning entries will be published. The story can be an adventure, a mystery, a fantasy or even science fiction — all genres are welcome, and narrative fiction only (no poetry this round)…

I’ll be giving away three of our horse books when I post the piece very soon too…Specifically:

Horse Miracles: Inspirational True Tales of Remarkable Horses by the bestselling authors of Dog Miracles & Animal Miracles, Brad & Sherry Steiger, Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan (which moves me deeply) and a totally unopened ‘sealed with a necklace ‘Charming Classics’ selection in Scholastic book style of Black Beauty by Anna Sewell.

Why? Just to keep the FREE reading theme going to add to the writing mix!

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“readergirlz” and now, “readertotz”
List your faves, too, please! It can count as a ‘follow’ for freebies!


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