Mother’s Day Media Worth Forwarding to A Friend

brj-tatooMay 8, 2009 These customizable video insertions are getting more sophisticated by the nanosecond!

This one by Mom’s Rising is a favorite for me this year, harkening back to when I duped a massive amount of gullible friends with the ‘Amy’s thrown her hat in the ring’ Presidential prank during the ’08 elections.

Mom’s Rising has done a great job of making this video “go viral.” (Two million views already, plus The New York Times? Look out Susan Boyle!)

I particularly like the way MomsRising used the ‘news feed’ to impart critical campaigns and vital info all moms should know, as a ‘twofer’ to educate and innovate in one handy greeting.

Each time I find one of these fun gizmos, I tweak it a bit to make it work for me better leveraging their ‘fill in the blank’ approach to give it extra personal “umpf” so here are my tips (after the jump) and the grand finale! 

After all, why not save the $16 billion in tchotchkes spent on moms for the occasion and help in more meaningful ways by making change permanent and taking action on living wages, paid family leave, childcare?

Here’s Mom’s Rising’s customizable video to Make Your Own Mom A Star!


Tips to Make the Viral Video Work Even Better For You!

1.) Where it says ‘first name’ put both first/last inside and it will show up in full (see above)

2.)  If you’re one of those moms that has three names you’re all set…Put your first two in the ‘First Name’ portion and the last one under ‘Last Name so that it reads in its entirety. (For example, Shaping Youth’s VP is Lori Tamura Chinn, so here’s how her video appears ideally suited for the Moms Rising format. (btw, Lori, happy Mother’s Day!)

3.) If you only use two names, but want it ‘in full’ then where it says ‘last name’ fill it in with ‘mom or mother’ so it doesn’t repeat itself. (e.g. otherwise, certain images would pop up with ‘Beth Jussel Jussel’ if I used my mom’s last name there)

4.) If you have a short name like mine, you can pop it in the ‘last name box’ (e.g. ‘Amy’s mom’ ) so that it reads even more authentically…(it cuts off a letter or two, so what, it’s still fun, see below!)


And finally:

5.) Don’t leave the last name box ‘blank’ or it will literally read ‘last name’ as a placeholder on the video…(there goes the  gotcha moment)

brj-momHere’s my ‘finished product’ (enjoy it, mom!)

And also links to some other fun last minute mom’s Day ideas…

I’m creating a custom Animoto music video for my mom next! (hey, mom, can you email me more vintage photos?!)

Sigh. Thankless kids. Always asking for somethin’… 😉

A Few Of The Amazing Moms Paying it Forward For Moms And Their Important Work Are Listed Below:

Sending Link Love for Mother’s Day to:

I’ll try to keep updating it!

Meanwhile, More Mother’s Day Gestures Here:

Shaping Youth: Lackus Appreciatis/Mom-A-Thon Card Giveaway

Shaping Youth: Act Out With Your Mom Find your authentic voice Improv Theater session led by ‘mother of the Rugrats’ Hollywood actress Melanie Chartoff and “act out with your mom” in positive ways

Special Things Kids Can Do For Mom (From ‘Kids Turn Central’, a compilation of ideas, ‘herstory’ of the occasion, a place to post a tribute online and more)

Playing for Change: Songs Around the World (DVD I wrote about here, just came out!)

Britt Bravo’s Mother’s Day Donation Ideas (8 great ones)

A Women’s Investment: Worldshapers (Inspiring FREE e-book coming soon from Aussie social media guru Jasmin Tragas featuring those of us struggling to make change in the world!  She’s looking for sponsors to keep it a freebie, so tell all your industry gal pals)

Marine Mammal Center: Adopt Delta & Dawn (mother and calf humpback whales who veered off-course and won the hearts of Ca.)

Sea Turtle Restoration Project:  Adopt A Nest For Mom!

Reason for Hope Book and also Jane Goodall Institute: Chimp Guardianship (mother–child bonds in chimpanzee society last throughout life–just as ours do)

Free Mother’s Day Poems For Non-Commercial Use (Better yet, write your own)

Moms Rising FREE e-card Viral Video: (Infant Aerial Stunt Team Onesie Jumping, to make a point with your Mom’s Day message)

BlogHer Mother’s Day 2009: Best/Worst Media Moms (fun videos from sweetney to remind us that we’ve all got a ‘role’ in the media mix)

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts/Kids Crafts

Moms Rising FREE e-card Viral Video 2009: She’s A Newsmaker

Beth Jussel Wins Mother of the Year Award, 2009! (hey, m0m that’s quite a tat!)



  1. Thanks so much for posting about our video! We appreciate it!


    Anita’s last blog post..What’s $1.00 minus .78 cents?

  2. My pleasure Anita, it’s a hoot! I’ve blitzed it all over Facebook customizing it for moms too! It’s great fun…

    Just wish we could ‘give a quiz’ of those vital facts you have running as the news feed which may go unnoticed!! In fact, maybe I’ll scan through some of ’em and plop ’em here in the comments! 🙂

    In fact, I just saw your free ‘moms manifesto’ and ordered it to post about the vital issues too…Smart to cover it for $5 s/h as I immediately bit on the ‘upsell’ to ‘keep it free’ for $25! (Hey, it’s my Mother’s Day gift to myself)

    Great marketing…keep up the good work! 🙂 Amy

  3. beth jussel says

    Amy.Amy,Amy!! What AM I going to do with you? You brat-child! You KNOW I’m not one of those ‘publicity hounds’ wanting to rest on my daughter’s laurels, so you Honestogawdtruly don’t NEED to give me a “puff” piece on Maw’s Day or anytime…

    You’re MUCH too erudite to waste time on trivia/tributes, but you are an absolute sweetheart to go out on a limb such as you have…(I mean, how’s it gonna look when your old lady cracks up one of these days & runs down the median strip of I-80 naked with a sign on her butt soliciting for Alzheimer’s Contributions?? Won’t THAT be a tad embarrassing to your career, huh, won’t it, huh?
    This was NOT what I anticipated when you said I needed to “check out yr. blog”–so bear with me….

    You’re probably working late as usual, so I may not phone tonight (unless I receive a ping from you..)–Still wondering what’s the matter with YOUR Thinkpad, or your Server?? Bad vibes from the bowels of the Earth? I frankly am on the verge of converting to the Keeper of the Light cult in Berkeley…You get to wear black pointy hats, pretend you’re witches, do quilts and play with tarot cards,etc., and it sounds like a pretty easy and carefree life to me….

    Meanwhile: know that I’m humbled to see you’ve even printed my NAME out in front of God & Everybody, as it’s sort of an affirmation that even with all my quirks,etc., you ain’t all that ‘shamed of your doddering old maw, aka PRuno….(who sends an over-abundance of love this eve.)

  4. MOM! You actually left a comment for once??? Holy cannoli!

    World? Meet my mom…

    The most witty, hilarious, genuine and salt-o-the-earth femme fatale to walk the planet (imho, of course)

    Though she tries to claim she raised me by ‘benign neglect’ to infuse me with hearty independence and spirited zeal, she actually was one of those ‘get close but not too close’ moms who welcomed kids into the home but ‘gave us space’ to find our own way and stumble on our own paths of loose gravel. (as opposed to the bubble wrap kids/helicopter parent dynamic of the protect/defend the young in the wild)

    As you can see by her sign off ‘PRuno’ this stands for “Pink Rose number one” (I’m number two, my daughter’s number three) a family nickname) and we’ve talked about doing a ‘Pink Rose Thornbush’ blog to bring together all three generations for a snapshot of ‘what’s changed’ on any given topic, to get a holistic perspective on parenting! What d’ya think?

    Thanks mom…for showing up. In oh, so many ways. xoxo PR2

    Amy Jussel’s last blog post..Where The Wild Things Are! Media, Mamas & More

  5. Here’s the 2011 version from Moms…check it out…

  6. You could definitely see your skills in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. At all times follow your heart.

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