The Great Escape: Shaping Youth Unplugged (Again)

The collective intelligence at the Program for the Future Conference may have fried my synapses, and short-circuited my braincells in overdrive…

I had a full post ready to go saying ‘I’m goin’ out of the country for a jiff, back Tues.’ but I couldn’t find the dang thing, which is a sure sign I’m way too buried and need to ‘escape’ from the keyboard to get the heck out of Dodge, after back to back conferences (the Preteen Summit was today)

My bro pretty much double-dog-dared me to ‘unplug’ and meet him south of the border in a funky little town without any wireless gizmos or reachability to be fully present…so I snagged the last seat on an impromptu flight to show up tomorrow and find my way to his environs in one of those ‘chickens in buses, it’s the green door on the right, turn left at the rock, past the sleeping dog and the broken down car’ kind of adventures. Wish me luck.

Oh, and thanks to Britt Bravo’s post for the inspiration to give the gift of presence this holiday season… And to the fun Flickr photo from ukaaa’s photostream. Fun! Hasta la vista…”I’ll be back.”



  1. Unplug, unwind, recharge, and connect – you deserve it. I bet you’ll come back with a million new ideas, at least!

  2. Hola! Como esta usted?

    I’m back! But putting out fires. (as to be expected, I suppose) Will be back at it tmrw…stay tuned.

    “Mañana” “Mañana” “Mañana” as the wise ones say… 😉 –Amy

  3. Lucky. I’ve been thinking, what if I didn’t post again until Jan 5? Would the world end. Would my peeps leave?

  4. No, they would not. And I’ve been thinking the same.

    After all, we’re striving for balance and living in the moment rather than partial attention-media deficit, and my family mayhem is ratcheting up to new levels w/some parental health issues, so I’d LOVE to fully focus…

    I think I may post an addendum that I’ll be sporadic for awhile…though I DO have some great consumer/debt stuff I want to share to keep kids out of trouble over holiday spending, plus some cool media freebies that are uplifting and some new sites worth a peek for those stuck indoors during icy seasons and such, so we’ll see. Thanks for the ping! –a.

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