Green Hedgehogs in Virtual Worlds? Let Your Leprechauns Loose!

Mar. 17, 2010 This morning I changed my Firefox 3.6 “persona” to shamrocks for the day, eliciting a green with envy response from my not so lil’ leprechaun teen who delighted in a green apple sour treat and green glitter-waterball and green Love Peace & the Planet eco-shampoo that some magical critter had left at the breakfast table.

Mind you, fare today is green smoothies, as she used to dine on Seussical St. Patrick’s Day “green eggs and ham a la Sam I am” but she’s on a vegetarian purge of late…

As I opened my email I received this green hedgehog photo from a SecondLife St. Patrick’s Day player and realized how virtually EVERYone seems to ‘go green’ today online and off! Green media and marketing ideas abound from green science shenanigans to green teen videos on climate change to greening of virtual worlds and plans springing up in March for Project Green Prom

If you have kids of any age, I highly encourage you do something ridiculously silly and blame it on the leprechauns.This is your chance amidst our often crass commercialized culture to get your game on let your trickster light-hearted personality shine.

I’m putting my plug in for SIMPLE green whimsy because as kids grow older we often forget the childlike fun flooding memories with innocent ‘wows!’…

In kindergarten, for example, my daughter’s imaginary leprechaun, Blueberry, became a trusted confidante for many years…

Now wouldn’t it be nice to have him reappear amidst her teen trials/tribulations and texting traumas, to lighten her world with magic menehune dust, rainbows and reveries that harken back to simpler times? I think so. Scratch that…I KNOW so!

We were at Fresh Choice last night and she was telling a gal pal all about my annual April Fool’s mischief, and I could see the wistful look in her eyes almost as if she wished she could just ‘turn back the clock’…(ideas for this year, anyone? It’s tradition in my home now…obviously!)

Point being…no matter what teens say, they’re still ‘kids’…

So whether it’s turning things green, getting kids to eat their greens, or finding fresh ways to get people to GO green, get your game on and have some fun today.

With a little luck, you won’t need to hunt for a pot o’ gold to earn huge rewards of sincere smiles with tips and ideas like some of these…

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Photo Credit above:

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  1. I’m green with envy! LOL! I didn’t even think of switching my persona today. Thanks for adding the green links!
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