Last Minute Mother’s Day Digital Gifts (Free Ones, Too!)

May 7, 2011 Update 5-8: To Mama With is a smidge away fm receiving a fund match; just $1K more in the next 8 hours to get $5K.extra. Can you help ’em?

Ready to put your mom on the map?

When I wrote “Mother’s Day Media Worth Forwarding to a Friend” I added a link list of meaningful gift gestures and ideas (recapped at the end) and am excited to update it with NEW positive picks for 2011.

My number one favorite for being both powerfully purposeful AND personal is the Epic Change campaign To Mama With Love.

To Mama With Love is a collaborative online art project that honors moms across the globe and raises funds to invest in remarkable women who create hope in our world. (I know, I know, I promised full media freebies I’m gettin to them after the jump) but this cause-marketing site is amazing.

You literally ‘put your mother on the map’ with a short sentiment and photo, donate what you can to help Mama Lucy in Tanzania and other mamas worldwide (matching funds are underway, so start lobbing those love-laden missives as fast as you can to meet their goal before day’s end) and then elaborate if you wish to tell your mom in ‘longer e-card form’ (under 1000 characters) and attach special visuals, share socially, tweet, the works.

Here’s my own card to MY mom, Beth Jussel, who was surprised to hear it was ‘retweeted’ in ‘less than 140’ and zinging’ all over the web…(the words, not the images) but hey, what better “privately public” way to give mom a shoutout from the rooftops and tell her you love her, am I right?

Mind you, MY mom still tells the “burnt toast with M&M décor” stories, and I’ve got tissue paper bouquets that were labors of love now faded and ratty but untossed, so homemade heartsongs rock…BUT if junior needs a little last minute nudge to add some pro media prowess here are a few customizable freebies to add to our positive picks for 2011…

Tweens and teens forget to get your mom a card?

Check out the clever JibJab “Mom Rap” sendable.

Free, fun, mama media for the musically inclined…Want a feature film starring your mom instead? The fabulous Mom’s taking millions of actions in support of families each year hosts a creative “movie trailer starring your mom” which never disappoints. They’ve done this for consecutive years now in different variations and they are always favorites of mine.

Veer more toward freebies that are pragmatic? Cool Mom Tech writes about a 3-FREE app bundle that moms might actually USE…including kid tracker tech via GPS location, Insta-Playdate, and Cozi for family organizing.

These are ALL fun little finds that flowed through my ‘twitter stream’ and caught my attention like a branch caught on a rock redirecting me to explore further. This also answers the inevitable question, “Why are you on Twitter?” splendidly, since smartster gender educator and critical pedagogy mom @lizjmeyer answers it so succinctly, and I can add ‘it cuts my research time in half finding cool stuff like this!’

More for Mother’s Day?

A favorite cause card freebie this year was behemoth retailer Macy’s who managed to team in a non-cheesy, “like us on Facebook” way by creating a “Thank-A-Mom” movement designed to send free e-cards matched by $5 contributions each with all proceeds going to 5 ‘mom-approved’ charities, donating “up to” $400,000.

Participation vaulted into six-figures for sending e-cards, and though they’ll still honor free sending of cards though Mother’s Day, they’ve maxed their limit on donations/funding. I’d say they can call it a success indeed.

I received one of their cards on my Facebook wall from Elin Waldal author of Tornado Warning, who designated “Futures Without” (formerly Family Violence Prevention fund) as the designated charity. I love that Macy’s gave folks the choice of how they wish to align, to customize cards for multiple moms. Sweet. (And savvy.)

Finally, the TRUE MEANING of Mother’s Day comes to light most eloquently with the “Roses for Peace” Ploughshares campaign, particular poignant with the recent death coverage and kids reactions to terrorist Osama Bin Laden along with the mixed media messages that surfaced among many moms with the news of the day.

Pink roses have a special family connotation for me on a personal note too, so it was great to see their strategy of ditching mass commercialized cards instead offering to “send a handwritten card and roses to your mother, letting her know that she inspired you for a more peaceful world.”

Ploughshares recapped the purpose of the holiday into a meaningful message in soundbite form: “In 1870, abolitionist and suffragette Julia Ward Howe penned the “Mother’s Day Proclamation,” as a way to organize women to work for the peaceful world they desired for their families in the wake of America’s most deadly conflict.

The initial purpose inspires critical thinking far beyond appreciation of mamas everywhere and the non-mamas that support us…It also serves as a reminder to remember with compassion those who no longer HAVE their moms living and be extra sensitive to them on this very special day.

Sending hugs and love to all of you out there for supporting the spirit of our work on behalf of children everywhere, and to all who simply thank their moms for bringing them into this world. Now, back to the burnt toast and kid creations…

Stay tuned for more positive picks in media and marketing as we continue to spring forward…

Next up? A post about STEM/science, technology, engineering & math, along with a heads up that Girls Inc is hosting a May 12 3pm ET Twitter chat on #girls & #STEM. #STEM4girls I hope to be there!

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  1. Every mom is a special mom and all should be recognized for everything they do. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

  2. Thanks Mike, and from Moms’s, the numbers are starting to flow in on THEIR success…so here’s an update from them…

    “This week our “World’s Greatest Mom” customizable movie trailer has been sent to more than 1,000,000 moms. We’re setting a goal of giving this well-deserved stardom to an incredible two million moms for Mother’s Day, which is today!

    *Here’s the customizable movie trailer link where you see the video yourself and then send it on to all the moms in your life a special treat for Mother’s Day:

    I’ll bet you know a lot of moms who’d love to see their names in lights. Can you help us make sure every mom gets to be a star this Mother’s Day?

  3. Oh and here’s the link to the one that Lyn Mikel Brown of Packaging sent to me, created at

    (I wish they allowed an embeddable version!)

    “The story of one woman who fought for what’s right…” (ahem, cough, choke…yah. That’d be the mama bear here…heehee.

    As I quote Winston Churchill on my office door: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

  4. I only know that rose is symbol of love between lovers but after reading this article, I know more meanings of this ” rose for peace”. It ia very happy for anyone to have a mother.
    Happy Mother’s day to all mom

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