Save New Moon Girls: Help Us, Help Them!

nmg holidayNov. 12, 2009 Long before the vampires and sparkling sagas of Twilight’s New Moon, New Moon Magazine delighted girls as a ‘go to guide’ for navigating adolescence and  being themselves.

After 16 years of print, New Moon Girls’ expanded online to add a richness and color to the digital dialog, creating an entire community of shared art, hopes, dreams and inspiration…launched exactly one year ago today, on Founder Nancy Gruver’s birthday. (my article on it here)

Today? Her birthday wish is to try to help save it, before the coffers run cold by year’s end. Do you want ad-free content for self-expression sans ‘diet ads’ and ‘get the guy’ stories for girls? This is the place.

I don’t know about you, but saving an ad-free zine and a company rich in tradition where girls can safely share, create, learn, and grow by celebrating their individuality instead of sipping the pop culture Kool-Aid is money well spent. And celebrating one of the world’s great advocacy orgs for girls, giving media that’s less than a latte per month? Screamin’ deal all around.

Here’s more on our first-ever affiliate allianceSee our New Moon badge on our right sidebar? Everytime you click it and order a paid subscription we get $10. Considering we’re in the same boat (that would be the leaking vessel sans funding plug) this serves as a double whammy opportunity to help us and help them!


So tick-tock parents and friends of tween girls; hurry to help!

You can gift an entire YEAR of New Moon Girls Media (online and off!) for less than a cup of cocoa each month…AND Save New Moon (join the Facebook event) from shuttering their community by girls for girls.

That’s an offer I warmed up to right away, as a win-win for girls (and for Shaping Youth).

Some may ask why pay even a pittance to subscribe when so much internet content is free? Let’s be blunt…commercial sites are far from free.

In fact tween/teen ‘lifestyle’ mags come at a VERY high cost to girls image and self-worth selling products and personas that define 8-12 year olds before they even get a chance to define themselves. Wouldn’t you rather see girl-created poetry, prose, safe chat, advice, and peer to peer polls and points of view? I sure would.

Don’t have a preteen girl? Forward to a friend that does.

Consider becoming an affiliate member to spread the word on your blog, like Tracee’s post here on The Girl Revolution or this supportive post on Julia Barry’s In Her Image blog, or the ‘new to me’ Irked Magazine. Gift a membership to a school, library or girls program.

New Moon Girls has its own ‘fan page’ on Facebook and also a new Save New Moon ‘event’ now through year’s end, so fan it, track it, tweet it and blast it out far and wide to raise girls’ voices in support of one another.

hghwAlong those lines, Hardy Girls Healthy Women is asking ALL girls to help ‘name this girl-driven campaign’ prior to launch, and though I’ll do a separate post on that and toss a few free/fun names their way for consideration from my branding background for to kick things off and maybe add to their list, make no mistake, this campaign will be led BY girls, FOR girls.

The supporting orgs (Shaping Youth, New Moon Girls Media, Packaging Girlhood, Rachel Simmons/Girls Leadership & many more) will unite as a MAJOR force of mobilization, addressing the early sexualization of girls and their increasingly toxic objectification in the media at ever-younger ages.

It’ll be rebel yell FROM the girls themselves with a fun media spin and some hilarious antics in guerilla marketing mode…so stay tuned for more as it shapes up over time…

Collegiates and teens will no doubt lead the pack in this fun fest, as girls rattle some cages of brands and biggies. Believe me, there’s bound to be “a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!”

Invite all to join the ‘smart girls at the party’ and see what comes of the groundwork starting to be seeded. Vote (or add) your favorite name for the movement today…

Thanks for supporting our first-ever effort to affiliate with an org…If this works nicely, we may add it to our ‘rev gen’ model as another outreach component.

So SAVE NEW MOON and HELP SHAPING YOUTH by ordering a gift subscription here for a girl you know today!

Countdown to 12-31-09…um, hurry please?




  1. I have never in my life wanted to read books. That was until my best friend gave me her Twilight book to read. As I started to read it my mom would call me to dinner and I told her that I was not hungry because I was so into the book. Soon after the movie came out I went to go see it with all my friends and my moms friend across the street. And I just Saw New Moon and loved it evern more!!!! Edward is so HOT.

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