Wordless Wednesday: Not. Gleeful. Spark Change!

October 20, 2010 Wordless Wednesday photocap:

“Why we need to SPARK change: Teens’ media messaging”

Register now for SPARKSummit to ignite a movement challenging sexualization. Girls’ have a right to healthy sexuality instead of boytoy objectification…

Just ONCE could we please let TALENT rein over T&A? Is that too much to ask?

Must every single  depiction of females in media turn into a  sleaze-n-please pornified peep show?

It’s especially painful hearing so many of us at the SPARK convening meeting in the video below mention GLEE as today’s pop culture influence among many kids…

Give it a listen…

…That’s me at the end, talking about how far backwards we seem to be going…

I named “Murphy Brown” and the MaryTylerMoore Show as MY media icons and pop culture references from days gone by.

Oops, this is supposed to be WORDLESS Wednesday, I’ll hush now. 😉

Thought leader representatives in NYC tossing out ideas for Friday’s SPARK summit 10-22-2010—(this was from May, and I’m just seeing it!)

p.s. I used to think Glee was just spoofing media’s shock schlock…now I’m thinking it’s becoming a part of it.

What say you? It’s all about commodification in the end, n’est ce pas? I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of “it’s their right to make a buck” arguments, but I think SPARKSummit’s @jaclynf “tweeted” it well,

“I expect people whose careers are owed to the young to act responsibly toward them.” Exactly.

For more on this GLEE conversation, check out the details at Revolt Real Women on Facebook which brought this Glee/GQ glop to my attention. (e.g. Do you know who did the photo shoot? Terry Richardson. Google it.)

I heartily encourage any and all interested in these issues to follow Actionist (TM) gal pal Brianne (Brie) Widaman RevoltRealWomen on Twitter and “like” her org on Facebook, where she uses the platform to engage others in “advocating for the empowerment of females in reclaiming their freedom of individuality, self-esteem and unique beauty.”

Gotta pack for NYC SparkSummit as we’re on the redeye. Yawn. Teen says, “oooh, it’s like a sleepover on the plane.” I love youth. Such refreshing points of view.



  1. Yes, I posted about it too– I was so disgusted. Come on! It’s just one more thing that tells teens (and younger) that they need to give it up if they’re ever going to fit in. YUCK. Get a grip, people. These are our daughters we’re talking about!

    On a happier note, excited to see you at SPARK!

  2. I am so saddened to see this. This low road, “my agent said it will go viral” attitude is sadly so pervasive, even hit shows with amazing talent are falling for this. Who told these actresses this was a good idea? I hope they join the conversation and explain why or better still, apologize.

    This particular show has such as huge following of younger people and their parents. To stand back and suggest as GQ did and say, our magazine is for mature males, is simply a bold faced lie. These images are going to cross all kinds of age bands and channels. The lobster pot just got 10 degrees warmer…and its well beyond comfortable.

  3. (Those photos are “sexualization of girls,” but the story lines of the two slutty cheerleader characters are somehow not?)

    What surprises me is that week after week people can watch all this “high school” drama, this fun and campy theater of the insane, and believe they are watching good, clean television fit for young children or teenagers.

    I had more to say about this: http://thegirlrevolution.com/glee-got-racy/

  4. I admit, I like watching Glee and yes I usually watch with my daughter and husband. By watching it together it gives us a great opportunity to talk about what is going on and discuss those tough issues.

    But I have to say, I am a little disgusted by these very suggestive photographs. I know they actors are legal adults and allowed to do what they want, but they are portraying high school students on the show and this sends the wrong message to our young girls.

    I might have to reconsider my Gleek status.

  5. Amen! This issue of GQ is so lude it should be rated R for ridiculous! Using the image of teenagers as a way to lure buyers is creepy and invites teen ogling by men.

    The controversy about the GLEE photos is all over the place; from “kids shouldn’t read it” to “it doesn’t influence teens” to “they are adults.” NPR is way off, I think, saying that it isn’t equal becaue the gyus are not naked. Ugh!

    The outrage continues because the Parents Television Council spoke against it~and I agree. The media already oversexualizes kids and teens. Just stick to adults in adult clothing and themes and leave those kids alone.

    Why is the Hollywood money-making machine so pervasive? PTC keep them in check. Thank you.

  6. Just posted this on my FB feed responding to some comments so will update here as well for the world to see, since I’ll no doubt get cast as a pearl clutching prude for the umpteenth time and so be it. Here’s why:

    1.) The whole ‘they’re old enough to decide their actions/it’s no big deal’ framing mixes up sexualization vs sexuality.

    2.) I’m seeing profiteering via self-objectification and cliche fetished (snore/bore) pornification pure and simple, It sends a “lookee here I’m a grownup now” definition that’s akin to a tweaked sort of “rite of passage” which imho is a damaging/lousy ‘coming of age’ benchmark to toss into the media mix to lather/rinse/repeat time and again. (think every Disney diva & Alloy Media ‘property’ who has ‘sold’ this message) Bleh.

    3.) I for one am not drinkin the “oh, it’s just the handlers’ blame it on the PR machine/media” KoolAid, as this is not a ‘misfire’ it’s deliberate, purposeful and unoriginal shock schlock managing to desensitize youth and outrage-bait-n-wait ‘parentals’ like me simultaneously. (American Apparel redux)

    4.) The follow up convos have been equally disturbing: Esp the VERY lame backhanded ‘blame it on the parents’ bit when the star says, “if your 8-year-old has a copy of our GQ cover in hand, again I am sorry. But I would have to ask, how on earth did it get there?” That. Is. So. Tiring. (again, not living in a media bubble anymore people, we’re in surround sound, tyvm)

    5.) You don’t have to be ‘8 yrs old’ (or a parent!) to be offended by the degradation of raw TALENT reduced to raw-raunchy pinup posters repackaged as ‘femme fwd’ BS…again, not buyin’ it.

    Glee? I used to think your show was SPOOFING yourself in a well-written jab at the pop culture zeitgeist…(wait, I don’t want to give them any more excuses, er ideas to reframe this epic fail) Feel like I need a shower. (oh, and PLEASE trolls, lose the ‘you just need to get laid’ comments…I’m not posting them because they’re too numerous and autobot deployed, which tells me once again, there’s irony in the ‘media machine’ turning sex into a robotic performance tool online and off.

    Youth deserve better. Adolescents deserve a right to grow up with a healthier sense of self and sexuality. Please stop deploying the ‘media defining kids before they can define themselves’ profit-over public health deployment. Make a buck somewhere else. Not on the backsides of kids…

    End of rant. For now. 😉 Spark Summit starts tomorrow and I’m just warmin’ up.

  7. Nice YouTube Video…
    “I expect people whose careers are owed to the young to act responsibly toward them.”
    Very, very true!

  8. Spark change people!

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