Nov. 20 A Vow of Silence for Children Without a Voice:

vowofsilenceNov.19, 2009 I was planning on posting a homecoming piece and also part one of the eModeration internet safety interview, when I remembered I signed the “Vow of Silence” from Free the Children to represent children who have no voice. (go to

On top of that, it’s opening night for vampire mania with the youth scene howling at the New Moon social media blitz so if I can stay silent through all this, it’ll be quite an experiment (and probably a once in a blue moon feat of epic proportion).

Though it seems counter-intuitive at first (we should be SHOUTING about injustice vs. vowing silence) I think that’s part of their point: In this cacophony of media noise, silence ‘stands out’ from the high volume decibel level when you’re asked to explain your participation in the 24-hour blackout.

love the 24-hour concept of ‘going dark’ in voice, text, tweets, blogs, and communication of all forms to raise awareness and support children who are silenced by the denial of their basic rights…However, I wish I could ‘move the movement’ a day or two, even though they chose Nov. 20th to mark the 20th Anniversary of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. Whoa, lookee there;  says you CAN. Hmn…Just when I’d signed off Twitter & Facebook and reslated my work for the weekend! Hmn. May need to delay a day.

vow of silenceGuess I should’ve read their fine print, as they have a variety of ways to engage to accommodate both first time participants AND diehard activists en masse…flexible freedom fighters, I like that in a cause.

Anyway, whether you ‘unplug’ and vow silence Nov. 20 or challenge “any and many” for an alternate date and time, here’s the ‘how to guide’ to take the vow for the voiceless.

Can you do it?

Can you be completely media free and hear what’s important in the silence?

I challenge you.

Everyone knows if you want to be heard you whisper, so imagine the impact of ‘spreading silence.’ It shouts without a word.

Join me in the ‘quiet revolution?’ Thousands already are. Bong! Bong! Midnight here…Shhhhhhhhhhhh…



  1. I like this idea too. It is a pretty cool one. Go SILENT!

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