Girl Caught: New Moon Girls Slams Sexualization of Kids

July 7, 2011 Good news! New Moon Girls has created a prototype ‘virtual girl caught sticker’ you can slap on some of the repeat brand offenders commodifying kids to call ‘em out social media style…In essence: “GIRL CAUGHT” so we can girlcott and start to seed change.

Tired of sexploitation of kids to sell swimsuits? (must read media by PigtailPals about lead visual here)

Do you feel helpless about corporations slipping in hipster innuendo like “Go ahead. Make a baby” into Webkinz World? (this absurdity is removed now, thanks to childrens’ advocacy group CCFC)

Are you wincing at corporate pedophilia dangling dollars to clueless parents cashing in on “modeling”  in provocative poses? (see APA study on early sexualization damage/harm)

It’s guerrilla marketing time! Think “Blame Drew’s Cancer” in terms of how people can ‘let off steam productively’ using social media to SPARK change, and help fund the coffers of companies that are POSITIVE picks in media messaging.

We’re asking coders and probono pals to lend ideas for viral marketing, and make the sticker easily sizable so it can dominate photos to cover up the image strategically to use media with mindfulness rather than give the scoundrels free press. Time to ‘show and tell’ with a shoutout from the windows using our own networks with a Howard Beale outcry to convey enough is enough!

At the very basic grassroots level, I’d also like a roll of REAL stickers for summer fun to deploy among youth teams in subversive ‘girl caught’ style…Yes, it’s “graffiti” but it’s removable, which is more than I can say for the ambient imagery these corporations continue to serve up en masse defacing kids’ psyches with NON-removable harm…

I’d also like to help mega-market this campaign with full tilt viral opportunities to ‘engage’ like the big agencies do to seed, support, embed and offer contests for “user generated content” via mobile. (any host platforms willing to take this on?

I can envision some fun ‘print your own’ customizable capabilities…so youth become ‘street teams’ with the push of a printer button.

I could see tee or crowdsourced user generated contests for off-shoot slogans…

Iron-ons, cause-‘twibbons’ and badges for social media profiles, youth video contests and mobile media user generated photo galleries…

Link love for participating bloggers and brands that actively engage and support that cross-promotes and boosts search engine optimization and like-minded crusaders…

I’d even envision a probono Code for America massive ‘wall’ of tweets weaving support using a Twitter hashtag like CFA did for July 4 to enable people to share their rebel yell for social responsibility and tell marketers ENOUGH so we can start holding brands accountable.

Too much to ask? I think not.

I’m ready to rally digerati do-gooders and au courant social media mavens like gal pal and fellow parent Beth Kanter to lend her advice and media outreach prowess…

Tap into our Age of Conversation global blogger probono team who has ‘been there, done that’ uniting multiple countries in social enterprise cause-marketing…

And help New Moon Girls raises the bar by lowering the focal point of AGE compression spotlighting the damage and harm to VERY young girls posed as props and pornified ‘come hither’ crapola. deployed street theater and some  similar guerrilla tactics to promote better body image on mirrors in dressing rooms, and other sites like have an entire gallery of “girl caught” brands exploiting bods for bucks…So I have no doubt we’ll have the summer to create a coalition with a similar credo to join forces this fall when New Moon Girls launches their ‘Girl Caught’ campaign, slated for Girls’ Day Sept 22, 2011…

Have probono skill sets to lend a hand or deploy usable ideas across multiple platforms?

Mobile? Social media? Shall we tell the story through transmedia? I say fight fire with fire to glean eyeballs, whack wallets and transfer funds to positive businesses. (oooh, I can see a fun graphic widget deployed there, like Robin Hood swiping from cruddy cues and hailing healthy ones!)

New Moon Girls could clearly use some of the fun and rowdy tweakage like the great “Scholastic For Sale” spoof/satire using visual insights to call out the disconnects and gaffes of commercialization in schools and ad creep infiltration.

I could see a similar ‘girl caught’ campaign extending to larger brand pairing to quickly differentiate ‘the good guys’ from corporate practices that continue to exploit and profit on the backs of kids…not just the sexualization, but calling out the subversive embedding of junk food ads into social media gaming, the overt use of advergaming, and the impact on public health using ‘work arounds’ designed to ditch parents altogether and market directly to kids.

As the New Moon Girls campaign shapes up, they’ll be pulling in fellow actionists, parenting orgs, youth advocacy, and colleagues ready to brew up solutions-based branding to strip away the ‘hold harmless’ sexualization loopholes that corporations cling to and maneuver like a provocative dancer on a stripper pole.

Enough we say. Leave kids alone. End the predatory marketing practices.

And parents, fergawdsakes, quit selling your kids hides for a buck to ‘model’ for this objectified pablum proliferating media at high volume.

The price we’ll  pay to mine kids childhood will ultimately cost us all.

Further Reading On Sexualization by Amy Jussel

On Shaping Youth (yes, just a wee bit vehement about this crud)…MY first GirlCaught sticker would go smack dab onto Vogue Mag’s ‘Cadeaux’ creation…And my first ‘user generated visual?’ A hand-stamped parenting “LICENSE REVOKED” graphic reminding that some folks just shouldn’t ‘breed.’  😉

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  1. Amy – we welcome all ideas and help to make Girl-Caught big this fall. We plan to launch Sept 22 – the Day of the Girl!

  2. I’ve been advocating this type of creative response to my readers using real stickers (including the Girl Caught ones). I’m going to post this on my blog and encourage readers to get out there and join this campaign and to start being active consumers and activists who let their voices be heard. Love it!! Yea to Shaping Youth and New Moon Girls for providing this great tool and getting the campaign rolling. Nancy, we will join you on September 22!

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